Star Ocean: The Second Story R

Star Ocean The Second Story R Shares Story Details

While much of Star Ocean‘s lore is based on Star Trek, this week’s story sprawl is out of the Star Wars playbook. Today, Square Enix has revealed a new video indicating how protagonists Claude and Rena met.

The story sprawl, which I’ve added below,

“Claude C. Kenny, a young officer in the Pangalactic Federation, is sent to investigate a mysterious dome discovered on planet Milokeenia on the orders of Ronyx, his father and commanding officer.

There he discovers an unfamiliar-looking mechanism. Hoping to demonstrate his courage, he ignores Ronyx’s objections and touches it, only to disappear in a blinding flash.

Later, Claude wakes up surrounded by lush forest and realizes he’s been transported somewhere far away. Trying and failing to get in contact with Ronyx, Claude scouts out the area around him, only to discover a monster just as it’s about to attack a young girl.

Rushing into the fray, Claude fires away with the Phase Gun his father gave him.

Seeing Claude rescue her with this bright, lethal force, the girl – Rena Lanford – mistakes him for a figure from the myths of her homeland, a hero who bears a Sword of Light.

In order to properly thank him, Rena takes Claude to the village of Arlia, hoping against hope that he could be the one to save the entire nation.”

In a few weeks, Square Enix will attend Anime Impulse in Anaheim and reveal the new Anime Opening Movie at the event.

Alongside a complete graphical overhaul, Star Ocean The Second Story R is getting new music from Motoi Sakuraba, an updated Japanese dub, and new battle mechanics.

As either Claude C. Kenny or Rena Lanford, you’ll embark on an adventure on the planet of Expel. Their paths cross when Claude is transported to Expel by a mysterious device and meets Rena, who believes he is the legendary hero of light. Together, they journey to save Expel from a cosmic threat known as the Sorcery Globe.

It was initially released for the PlayStation in 1998 and remastered for the PSP as Star Ocean: Second Evolution in 2008.

Star Ocean The Second Story R launches on Switch, PS4, PS5, and PC on November 2, 2023.