Star Ocean: The Second Story R

Star Ocean The Second Story R Is A Complete Remake, Launches November 2023

One of today’s best announcements out of Nintendo Direct was Star Ocean: The Second Story R, a complete remake of the Square Enix RPG from the PlayStation era.

Square Enix and Gemdrops are working on a remake using a 2.5 aesthetic, including everything that made the original so iconic and adding new elements to modernize the remake for a new generation. A press release also reveals changes to the battle mechanics, full Japanese and English voiceovers, original and re-arranged music, fast travel and more. All tracks have been re-composed, including full-band performance and strings sound by Motoi Sakuraba.

Set in a distant future, Star Ocean: The Second Story R follows the journeys of two main characters: Claude C. Kenny, the son of a famous Earth Federation officer, and Rena Lanford, a young girl from the underdeveloped planet of Expel. The game offers a branching narrative, allowing players to choose which character to play, each offering a unique perspective on the story.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R updates the world and characters spectacularly, keeping iconic elements like Private Actions and multiple endings intact.

This isn’t the first updated release Star Ocean: The Second Story had. Star Ocean: The Second Evolution is an enhanced version original, released for the PlayStation Portable in 2008. It features updated graphics, voice acting, and additional content.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC on November 2, 2023.