Star Ocean: The Second Story R

Star Ocean The Second Story R Logo Leaks Via Square Enix’s Support Site

The logo was discovered Square Enix's official support site

Fans have discovered a logo via Square Enix’s support site for Star Ocean: The Second Story R, a potential remake of Star Ocean: The Second Story.


Per RPG Site, the banner was spotted on the Square Enix Support website, featuring a logo for Star Ocean: The Second Story R. Fans were quick to save the logo, which was discovered to be in both Japanese and English.

The tri-Ace developed Star Ocean series has been around for nearly 30 years and has seen several entries, but the most popular is usually split between Star Ocean: The Second Story and Till the End of Time. Last year’s The Divine Force was a return to form for the series after stumbling with Integrity and Faithlessness.


Square Enix hasn’t yet acknowledged the leak, but a formal announcement may likely happen soon. In 219, Square Enix released Star Ocean: First Departure R for the Switch and PlayStation 4 but never followed up Second Evolution R, a port of the PSP release with updated graphics and voice acting.

This leak is notable as the subtitle fans have been eager to see is Second Evolution R, indicating it is a remaster of the PSP port. Instead, the subtitle The Second Story R seemingly indicates a remake is in the cards.

At launch, The Second Story sold 1.094 million units worldwide, with 724,000 copies in Japan and 370,000 worldwide. Since launching, the entry has gained a cult following for being one of the most popular entries thanks to its cast, the world, and story. It has yet to be ported to modern consoles in the West.