Star Ocean The Second Story R

Square Enix Introduces Star Ocean The Second Story R’s Claude And Rena

Square Enix’s official account for the Star Ocean series has been steadily revealing new screenshots and tidbits regarding November’s Star Ocean The Second Story R.

Star Ocean Second Evolution’s Cast Returns

Over the weekend, the official account provided English voiceover clips of Claude C. Kenny and Rena Lanford, the dual protagonists in The Second Story R. Surprisingly, the dub uses the same cast from Second Evolution, the PSP remake from 2009.

At the time, Claude’s role was provided by Spike Spencer, taking over from Jimmy Freeman, who voiced Claude in the original version on PlayStation.

Regarding Rena Landford, Eden Riegel has voiced the Expellian since Second Evolution after taking over the role from Donna Mae Wong, who voiced Rena during the initial release on PlayStation.

The PlayStation Portable dub was a highlight of the previous remake that included redone character portraits, a new translation, new Private Actions and endings, and more.

Star Ocean The Second Story R launches for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Switch, and PC on November 2, 2023.