Star Ocean: The Second Story R

Square Enix Details Changes Coming To Star Ocean: The Second Story R

Square Enix has published a new interview with the developers working on Star Ocean: The Second Story R, set to launch this Fall.

With updated visuals, new features, revamped combat, and a beautiful 2.5D art style, the series looks better than ever.

When asked why the team decided to focus on this project, they said that because Star Ocean: The Second Story is such a popular entry in the series, there were many requests for a remake. Additionally, this year marks the 25th anniversary of the series and the first Star Ocean.

The original Star Ocean: The Second Story is one of the most memorable RPGs on the PlayStation. The developers said that tri-Ace used those elements to make the game shine because it has a great cast and story, two traits that make it so fondly remembered. It also smartly incorporates science-fiction and fantasy thanks to its two protagonists, Claude and Renda.


“Thanks to this, the game delivered a rich and meaningful experience that left a really strong impression in the minds of players.

Of course, these elements are present in Star Ocean: The Second Story R too. We have implemented renewed illustrations that bring the story to life even more, and new systems that allow you to play through the side stories more conveniently!”


The developers also mentioned why they chose a 2.5D graphical style for the remake. The style was chosen because they wanted to refresh the graphics that captured the appeal of pixel art and a “distinctive JRPG flavour.” Square Enix improved the pixel art quality and used a particular pixel art shader to make these models stand out in 3D environments.


Regarding changes, the story has been left intact, but many components have been renewed. Many of the effects, including the world map, all cities and dungeons, have been revamped. Many quests and items are still available to be discovered.

Additionally, there are multiple languages to choose from, with English and Japanese voice options available, including new Japanese recordings with the original cast from the PlayStation cast.

The battle system has been retooled to be faster, which we’ll learn about in the future, says Square Enix.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R launches November 2, 2023, for Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4 and PC.