Star Citizen

If You Got The Money Then Star Citizen Is Offering A Bundle Of Over 175 Spaceships For $48,000 And Yes You’re Reading That Right

Only players who have already put $10,000 into the game already can purchase the bundle

Over the last decade, Star Citizen is less known for being a space sim and more for how much money players have raised for the yet-to-be officially released game. Now the game is in the news because players who’ve put over $10,000 into Star Citizen can purchase an exclusive 175 spaceship bundle at the high price tag of $48,000 USD, spotted by TweakTown.

The big money spender bundle, the Legatus 2953 pack, was initially revealed on its website and is set to release sometime in early 2024.  The Legatus 2953 pack is the “definitive armada” and “perfect collection” for players. Developer Cloud Imperium Games says in the listing’s description that the bundle will “empower every fleet commander to forge a lasting legacy, leading humanity towards a brighter future.”

Star Citizen players who decide to put their money down for the bundle will get all ships released and concepts from every manufacturer through 2953. In addition, the bundle will also come with hundreds of paint colours, skins, armour, and in-game poster accessories. The price is a little shocking for anyone who casually knows about Star Citizen. Still, for veteran players who have seen other bundles offered in the $27,000 price range in 2018, so this isn’t anything new for a game that has raised between $150,000 and $243,000 a day in the last seven days.

Star Citizen was announced in 2012 and is still technically in its “Alpha” release phase; now, the game has raised $658,236,623, an amount that most blockbuster movies would dream of getting in the box office.