Stalker 2 Developer GSC Game World Suffer Studio Damage By Fire Incident

Thankfully no employees or office staff were injured when it happened

The developer behind the upcoming Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl, GSC Game World, went through fire at its workplace on the floor where the studio’s backup servers were reportedly housed, according to Vortex in a translated article and Twitter user @HazzadorGamin.

The fire at the Prague-based studio happened this past week on September 7th at night. The incident did not injure any employees or office staff; an electrical installation caused the nature of the fire. The actual cost to repair GSC Game World’s backup server floor isn’t a pretty penny, which comes around their native currency of 1.5 million CZK, around USD 65,809 or CAD 89,349. The incident was confirmed on Discord by one of the developers, Mol1t, with no details given if the electrical fire incentive would impact Stalker 2‘s development or not.

“A fire broke out in our office in Prague on Thursday. Even though the fire was successfully put out, one of the office floors now requires a full restoration. Further details of the accident are still being investigated. We express our deepest appreciation for your questions and words of support we have been receiving. No anomaly, not even a “Burner,” will make us stop in [the] pursuit of our final goal. We’ve dealt with worse than that before. This is fine,” Mol1t wrote in a Discord message.

It’s an understatement to say that the developer is hard at work at Stalker 2 in a tumultuous time for the studio, originally from Ukraine, relocated to Prague following Russia’s ongoing invasion of their home country. It didn’t help that the studio was also the victim of a Russian hack following the move. The electrical fire incident only adds to the studio’s Stalker 2 development saga.

Stalker 2: Heart of Chornobyl was initially set to release in 2021 but has been delayed multiple times. It will be released on PC and Xbox Series sometime in early 2024.