Season 3

[Staff Picks]Banshee Season 3

Banshee-BDIt’s the sweet lull right before a new television season approaches, the Blu-ray with all the goodies releases giving you just enough time to rewatch the previous season and the extras just in time for the new goodies to roll in. Banshee Season 3 is releasing on Tuesday and by the time of this posting, we’ll have already gotten the first episode of Season 4. I’ve been spending some time catching up on this highly underrated television show, being given hell from both my brother and father for waiting this long to start up, and kicking myself for missing out on three whole seasons of a show I didn’t give the proper attention to.

So as I write this article for last season, I am treading carefully with spoilers and keeping the surprises in the bag as I watch each episode. Here’s what you get when you purchase the Blu-ray on April 5th.

Season 3 picks up a month after the Season 2 finale, when Carrie’s father, gang kingpin Rabbit (Ben Cross), finally met his demise after a climactic church shootout. Carrie, now exposed and estranged from her husband and kids, remains in Banshee, working as a waitress by day while moonlighting with Lucas, Sugar Bates (Frankie Faison) and Job (Hoon Lee) on a variety of local heists. As Lucas finds it harder and harder to keep his true identity from his deputies – especially Siobhan Kelly (Trieste Kelly Dunn), now his romantic interest – he and the Banshee police force become embroiled in a new conflict between Amish gangster Kai Proctor (Ulrich Thomsen) and Chayton Littlestone (Geno Segers), the vicious, vengeance-minded leader of the Redbone wing of the Kinaho tribe. And as fists and bullets fly in and around Banshee, Lucas concocts a new scheme that could net his thieves a fortune – by robbing a decommissioned Marine compound housing millions of dollars.


Blu-ray with Digital HD Bonus Features (including all DVD features):

  • The Heist: Get a unique perspective on “The Heist” from episode 7 in this multi-camera, interactive feature


DVD Bonus Features

  • Making of the Episode 2 Title Sequence: View the different layers that went into the making of the second episode’s unique title sequence
  • Banshee Origins: Find out the story before the story with eight prequel videos featuring the cast of Banshee
  • Banshee Origins Saga: Explore the lives of Lucas, Carrie, Job and more before they made their way to Banshee in this two-part feature
  • Burton vs Nola Camera Movement: Learn how this epic fight scene was filmed
  • Burton vs Nola Stunts: Get a behind the scenes look at how the Banshee action comes together
  • Genoa Rehearsal: Watch as the gang runs through this season’s final showdown
  • Zoomed In, Episodes 1-8 & 10: Go on the set with the cast to see how key, adrenaline filled scenes were created
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Sins Promo
  • Episode Recaps
  • Audio Commentaries with Cast & Crew