Stadia’s VP & Head of Product Leaves Google

Google Stadia’s VP & Head of Product has left. John Justice has been a key figure at getting Stadia off the ground and Justice’s departure follows the shuttering of Google’s internal studios and other key departures from the streaming service.

The news comes from The Information with 9to5Google confirming that Justice had left Google. In a brief statement, Google confirmed the news saying, “We can confirm John is no longer with Google, and we wish him well on his next step.”

Another blow to Stadia’s once-powerful executive team may not be the final nail in the coffin for Google’s streaming service. From what Google has said in the past, they are now looking to reach out to third-party developers to bring titles to the service, with over 100 video games being added in 2021. The next major title to launch is this Friday’s Resident Evil Village, which is about as big a title as you can find these days.

Personally, I was cautious about using Stadia since its inception but it has continued to impress me with how well it works on my iPad, iPhone, and PC. I’ve been able to play games when I’ve been out on the road, waiting for an appointment or on a quick break. The service is great, it just launched far too soon and has been mishandled by the executive team.