Square Enix Trademarks Hint at the Future of Final Fantasy VII

No time to dilly dally, Square Enix has trademarked a handful of items pertaining to Final Fantasy VII which is suspicious by any means.

The trademarks were filed in Japan in December, Ever Crisis and The First Soldier. Not only that, but the Shinra Electric Power Company logo was also trademarked.

Originally noticed by Gematsu, the listings appear to hint at the future of the in-game universe. The first trademark, Ever Crisis is reminiscent of Before Crisis, the mobile-exclusive title that never saw the light outside of Japan, and Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, the prequel that allowed players to play as Zack Fair and has been stuck on PlayStation Portable since 2007.

ff7remake 6

The First Soldier is a rather broad trademark and it’s hard to pinpoint if this focuses on Sephiroth or an entirely different character. In-universe, SOLDIERs are injected with Jenova cells, giving their eyes that unique Mako glow. It really could be something or someone else entirely but also it could focus on Sephiroth.

As for Square Enix trademarking the Shinra Electric Power Company logo, well, I’m guessing it was either already trademarked and they renewed the patent on it.

For now, though, know that Final Fantasy VII Remake Part II is in full development.