The World Ends With You

Square Enix Teases The World Ends With You Content

We’ve had an anime, a port on Nintendo Switch, but as of today, there have been zero talks of a sequel to one of the most beloved Nintendo DS games of all time.

The World Ends With You is to this day, one of the best RPGs in years thanks to innovative mechanics and interesting plot that introduced us to the Reaper Games and Neku. Since launching in 2008, the series has been ported to iOS and Android, and on the Nintendo Switch.

Now, a decade later, fans are still clamouring for a sequel with no sign that it may be arriving. However, there is a new website that’s launched that includes a timer set to end on November 24, that’s exactly seven days from now.

One of Square Enix’s development studios, the1st Production Department, updated their profile picture that uses one of the pins found in the game.

Hopefully, we’ll get a sequel and next week is the kick-off to a highly anticipated sequel news that we’ve all waited a decade to hear.