Square Enix Is Patching In The Ending Of Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III has seen better days. The highly-anticipated third entry in the long-running series is mere weeks away but the game has been out in the wild for almost a month now. A small number of games were allegedly stolen and resold last month, as the seller was offloading the copies on Facebook Market for $100 USD.

The Internet has been abuzz ever since and thankfully, not many story spoilers have gotten out thanks to those own the game and prefer not to ruin the surprise. Aside from weapons and the worlds, we’re only seeing tidbits of what is to come for those who buy the game on January 29.

As it were, the Kingdom Hearts III team even confirmed that due to the likely possibility of leaks, they opted to keep the epilogue and secret movie out of the game until launch day and that would help prevent having the surprise ruined for everyone.

Thankfully, most of the big surprises are still intact and we will all get to experience the magic of this story together. Kingdom Hearts III is out first in Japan on January 25, followed by January 29 in North America, which sees version 1.01 added adding memory archives to the game. On January 30, those who already have completed the story can see the epilogue video, On January 31, the secret video will be patched in, this, however, one needs to have “certain criteria met depending on the difficulty level selected.”