Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Square Enix

Square Enix Announces Heavy Focus On Multiplatform Development Rather Than Exclusives Following Profit Decline

The goal of the revoitalize stragety is to swap "quantity for quality" and deliver projects that are "Fun"

Square Enix is reshuffling its game development deck and has announced a new “Medium-term Business Plan,” revealing the company’s plan to reboot its game development business that will ” aggressively pursue a multiplatform strategy” on PC, PlaySTation, Xbox, and Nintendo platforms with a focus to deliver game “quality” projects that will provide “unforgettable experiences” capable of “moving people’s heart,” according to Game Developer’s initial report.

The revitalized strategy follows the company’s year-end financial results, which saw a one percent increase in sales, but meanwhile, Square Enix’s profit dropped by 69.7 percent due to high development costs. While the company doesn’t acknowledge which titles, Square Enix says that its titles alongside externally developed projects did not live up to its profit expectations, which could include exclusive platform releases like Final Fantasy XVI and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Square Enix blames multiple factors on its old business plans, including the launch of new titles that are not working due to the crowded release schedule. Management infrastructure gap and legacy aging titles. As part of its new business plan, Square Enix aims to find better success in its Game and Smart Devices/PC Browser portfolio. Expand its MMO business and do much better on the publishing side, seemingly for external projects that hit a more significant appeal than past releases.

The four pillars of its new plan include enhancing productivity by optimizing its development footprint, diversifying earning opportunities by going to where customers are through multiplatform releases, rolling out initiatives to create additional foundational stability and striking a balance between shareholder return/growth investment of a max of ¥100 billion over three years. Square Enix says it is shifting from “quantity to quality” as it is calling this plan the  “Square Enix Reboots, and Awakens,” which may not just be a reference to the reboot of its plan but possibly games from its past making a comeback in modern gaming; looking at you Final Fantasy IX remake.

Square Enix isn’t just reinvesting in AAA game titles; its platform strategy also includes another one – smart devices (SD) titles that go ” beyond the iOS and Android ecosystem.” Alongside that investment, the company says attracting PC users will be a massive part of their plan. Plus, Square Enix hopes to offer its IP beyond the medium of video games, similar to others which made the jump to the big or streaming screen in recent years.