Final Fantasy 16

Square Enix Releases Final Fantasy 16 World Of Valisthea Trailer

Square Enix was on-hand at PAX East this weekend to talk about this year’s highly-anticipated Final Fantasy 16

While we’ve already learned that at launch Valisthea won’t be an open-world experience, the producers have confirmed Final Fantasy 16 will instead use hubs with multiple maps for players to explore. Producer Naoki Yoshida spoke in-depth about the upcoming action RPG that will return the series to the more traditional roots players fell in love with years ago, moving away from modern and futuristic worlds to the medieval world with crystals, Eikons, and more.

On Saturday. the PAX East convention titled “Yes, You Can Pet the Torgal occurred but not without issues live streaming. Thankfully, an uninterrupted version has been posted following the event that’s about an hour long and goes in-depth about the world, the gameplay, and more.

Alongside the lore elements, Yoshida also confirmed the PlayStation 5 exclusive will include two graphical modes. One will feature enhanced graphics, with 4K visuals at 2160p and a 30fps target, while the other mode prioritizes frame rate, aiming for 60 fps and 1440p resolution.

Final Fantasy 16 s set to launch for PlayStation 5 on June 22, 2023.