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Square Enix Confirms A New Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer For Tomorrow

We haven’t particularly seen anything of substance for Final Fantasy VII Remake since the extensive E3 demo and unveiling. Since then, we’ve only seen a few pieces of key art, as well as playing the demo for ourselves at Fan Expo this year. Even though the game we’re getting on March 3, 2020 covers and expands the Midgar section, I’m eager to see what else we have coming. Let’s mosey!

Director Tetsuya Nomura sent out a message via the official Final Fantasy VII Remake account on Twitter stating that “We haven’t revealed anything about FF7R for a while,” and went on to confirm that a new trailer is to be shown at Tokyo Game Show 2019. From what we know, this reveal centres around Shinra, so likely we’ll see Rufus and perhaps the Turks in some capacity, and any other related surprises.

Whatever the case is, I need more. I loved the E3 demo and watched it a handful of times. Then when the time came and I was physically able to play the same demo for myself, I realized that this is exactly the remake we deserve and offers improvements that only time and dedication offered.

If you want to follow along, the Japanese website for Final Fantasy VII Remake has a countdown timer on, set to finish at 10 AM EST tomorrow!