Splitgate Could Come to More Platforms, Next-Gen Ports in the Works

The wildly popular Splitgate has been seeing a ton of success after leaving Steam and adding consoles to the mix. 1047 Games co-founder and CEO Ian Proulx spoke about the game’s popularity in a recent livestream and he also indicated that the free-to-play shooter will eventually see ports on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Splitgate has been in Early Acces on PC but it wasn’t until consoles that the game found true success. Since July, the game’s popularity has skyrocketed to the point that the developers need to not only hire more engineers but also get more servers online. At one point, to even play a game of Splitgate meant you would be placed in a queue and those wait times lasted over an hour. There was essentially nothing you could do but wait for people to log off in hopes of even getting into a match and good luck if you were disconnected.

Over the last week or so, however, the server issue seems to have been alleviated as I was able to get into matches with a very small wait time if one at all.

Proulx in a livestream, says that with the game being immensely popular right now, the focus is making sure people can play so servers are the priority. “Part of the vision is we want to be available on everything,” Proulx continues when asked about more platforms. “We want to be available on mobile, Switch – you know, I mean, everything.”

It’s looking likely we’ll see it eventually once the surge levels off. “It’s not on the top of our priorities, but again, we want everybody – it’s important to us that people can play with their friends, and that means cross-play on everything,” Proulx added.

As for PlayStation and Xbox Series X|S ports, those are coming but the studio isn’t ready to get into the specifications for each platform just yet. The team wanted to have these out already but the delay stems from getting more servers online.

“Queue times are going to be a thing for the foreseeable future because every day we hit a new peak,” Proulx said. “The number of players is growing faster than the server improvements are.”