Spirit of the North 2

Spirit of the North 2 Brings Us Back To A Mysterious Ancient World

The adventurous fox is back

Three years after an indie darling released, Spirit of the North 2 was announced at the Xbox Partner Preview.

Infuse Studio and Merge Games are back with the red, white, and glowing adventurous fox. The trailer gave us a good look at a big, magical world with several different biomes and lots of beautiful ground to cover.

“In an ancient world left in ruin, roam a stunning open world rich with lore and primordial secrets to discover.”

“With the help of your ever-wise companion, seek out the lost legendary guardians and release them from the grasp of the dark shaman Grimnir.”

The duo will tackle foes as you try to save ancient guardian beasts in what’s described as “puzzle-based encounters.” You’ll also have several abilities as you unlock runes from crypts and snow-capped peaks.

Customization is also on its way, as the developers promise quite a few changes you can make to your fox’s appearance and their built up skills.

Spirit of the North 2 is a follow-up to an original title that has received rave reviews since its release in 2020. With no set release date yet, the game is scheduled to launch on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series.