If You Like Gun Fu, Spine Looks Right Up Your Alley

Spine, from developer Nekki, was shown at today’s Future Games Show Spring Showcase. It mixes gun fu with exciting setpieces.

During the live stream, a new pre-alpha gameplay teaser was shown. It provides a good look at the gun fu combat players will use to explore a futuristic landscape.

Spine is a single-player title in which you play as Redline, a rebellious street thief. She’s accompanied by a sentient combat implant called Spine , and together, they take on Tensor Corporation’s AI regime.

Nekki says Spine features camerawork and combat choreography developed by action movie specialists and uses Unreal Engine 5 alongside the studio’s animation engine, Cascadeur.

Today’s pre-Alpha Market Gun Fu teaser is just a taste of Spine’s cinematic action from early in the game when Redline has unlocked only a small number of Spine’s abilities,” said Dmitry Pimenov, Spine‘s producer.

The combat fuses cinematic gunplay and close-quarter combat with what the studio calls “elaborate camerawork” to provide the immersive and dynamic experience shown above.

Spine launches on PC and consoles next year.