Marvel's Avengers

Spider-Man Joins Marvel’s Avengers This Month

In a surprise move, Crystal Dynamics revealed that Spider-Man will be added to Marvel’s Avengers at the end of this month on November 30, 2021. He will be exclusive to PlayStation owners due to an agreement made between Sony and Square Enix.

Endgame Content Roadmap Update

Alongside your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man comes a ton of updates to Marvel’s Avengers, including the Klaw Raid. Following the events of the War for Wakanda Expansion, Klaw returns to the Vibranium Mound to destroy Wakanda. Your job with three other players is to destroy him and claim some new high-level gear for you and your team.

Other changes include the Power-Level from 150 to 175 and you’ll need to complete the Klaw Raid to get the best gear. Also coming is the ability to recycle gear of a higher power level to upgrade your current gear to match the higher-power level of consumable items. You can now earn cosmetics, resources, and other items via gameplay. Each Shipment costs 500 units and you can pull from a collection of items. There is a small chance of the Shipment containing a premium Outfit unavailable via any other means of acquisition.

Starting with the Seeking the Super Adaptoid Mission Chain and the Klaw Raid: Discordant Sound, you can farm the weekly rewards once a week for each eligible Hero, rather than for only one Hero per week.