Would You Spend $1000 On Cosmetic Items?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has taken the world by storm, it’s a fun game that provides a unique experience, and the numbers don’t lie either, with PUBG selling 10 million copies, and having 1 million concurrent players is an astonishing feat that few can say they’ve been able to do. The numbers prove how much people love this game, but there’s something even crazier that shows how much gamers are willing to invest when it comes to the games they play.

PUBG sells a red bandana through the Steam market, it retails for hundreds of dollars currently and back in March you could have banned it for $20 USD. Times have changed of course, as the bandana sold recently for just over $1000.

I can’t begin to comprehend spending an absurd amount of money on in-game items, so to see someone spend $1000 on an in-game cosmetic item astounds me.bandana