South of Midnight

South of Midnight Gets New Gameplay Trailer At Xbox Games Showcase, Launching 2025

Compulsion Games’ South of Midnight got a new gameplay trailer at the Xbox Games Showcase.

Announced last year, the new title is looking excellent. The latest trailer focused on Hazel, riding on the back of a vast talking Catfish. Featuring action combat, Hazel was dual-wielding what looked like small spears that could latch on and whip around the battlefield.

South of Midnight uses stop-motion techniques to deliver a unique experience.

As Hazel, you explore Southern folklore in her hometown, where she lives as a Weaver. With powers capable of mending broken bones and spirits, Hazel must use her abilities to fix her family’s past.

South of Midnight is launching in 2025 on Game Pass, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, and PC. More from the developers below: