Sora’s Got A Lot On His Hands In Kingdom Hearts III

While the unfortunate incident where a handful of copies of Kingdom Hearts III, leaked early, this new trailer actually helps alleviate that sad news by establishing this is indeed the finale for Sora’s story.

Things aren’t going well for Sora and friends. Darkness is spreading across the Disney worlds and as Xehanort’s ambition are coming to fruition, light is fading. Spread across the Pirate of the Caribbean and Tangled worlds, this trailer puts a focus on new footage and gameplay. There’s even a look at a new Ratatouille Keyblade attack!

We see a glimpse of Kairi wielding her Keyblade, gameplay of Riku taking on the Heartless, and even Roxas makes an appearance. Which opens up more questions on what is exactly happening here.

Make no mistake, with only six weeks to go, things are barrelling to a conclusion 13 years in the making.