Watch Sony’s E3 Press Conference From 2006, When They Almost Lost The Plot

Take a trip down memory lane back to 2006 when Sony’s E3 presence nearly ended up in disaster. On the Noclip Game History Archive channel, you can find a new and cleared upload nearly 2-hours long and a reminder of how far Sony has come.

Sony’s E3 2006 conference was one for the history books

I say near disaster because now we know how big of a turnaround Sony made after the memorable conference. At the time, Microsoft dominated with the Xbox 360, and Sony showed up to E3 with all the worst talking points.

Sony’s messaging during the event was confusing and unclear. They struggled to effectively convey the benefits and unique selling points of the PlayStation 3, leading to a lack of enthusiasm from both the media and the audience.

The pricing announcement for the PlayStation 3 console was also a significant letdown. Sony revealed that the PS3 would cost $599 for the premium version, making it considerably more expensive than competitors like the Xbox 360. This steep price tag deterred potential buyers and generated criticism.

Sony’s presentation lacked a strong lineup of new and exclusive games. Many expected big announcements, but the showcase failed to deliver exciting titles, leaving fans underwhelmed.

Despite’s the console’s rough start, the PlayStation 3 went on to sell 87.4 million units.