PlayStation’s Black Friday Sale Is Live


Sony’s updated their storefront for the week and as today is the Tuesday before the American Thanksgiving, it’s time to ramp up for Black Friday in a few days. This means there are lots of deals to uncover all over North America.

Sony’s TGI Black Friday sale is live and that means Sony has discounted over 100 games on the PlayStation Store. Some gems I’ve found are The Witcher 3 Complete Edition for $36, Mad Max for $11, Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition for $12, Far Cry Primal for $20.

There’s a ton of stuff to cover this week, Sony’s got a good selection, so go check it out. I’m tempted to dive in as there’s an additional 10% off coupon available. The sale is live from today until next Tuesday, the 29th of November at 11AM.