Paul Lane Sony
A headshot of Paul Lane. A bald Black man with a warm smile. To his right, is two wheelchair symbols in white above Paul's name

Sony’s Access Granted Introduces Us To Paul Lane

A new blog from Sony titled Access Granted: An Interview with Accessibility Consultant Paul Lane puts the Sony spotlight on Accessibility Consultant Paul Amadeus Lane.

This isn’t the first time we have seen Lane in a Sony blog post, with a recent appearance in Sony’s Project Leonardo [Access Controller] feature. However, this new interview explains how Lane rolled his way into video game accessibility through journalism. Lane found his way to Sony in 2017 while visiting Sony’s E3 showcase for that year [remember those?]

It’s fascinating reading Lane’s thoughts on how Sony franchises God of War and Uncharted use elements like remapping and one-button QTE events resulting from advocates’ work. 

I am less partial to Lane teasing some things that will blow us away that he can’t yet talk about [but he did!] What is that going to be?!