PlayStation VR2

Sony Is Reportedly Pausing Production On PlayStation VR2 Units

This is due to a backlog of available, unsold units.

According to a Bloomberg report, PlayStation VR2 virtual reality headset sales have been progressively slowing down since its launch in February 2023.

The report also suggests that Sony has produced “well over” two million units of the PS VR2. The International Data Corporation says peripheral sales have declined each subsequent quarter. Sales for PS VR2 outsold the original PlayStation VR in the six weeks after launch, but Sony has since been unable to keep the momentum going.

Several factors are at play here, but the most obvious is the price, which begins at $749 in Canada with no games. The Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle is $819 and includes one game. The initial investment needed to get into the ecosystem doesn’t include owning a PlayStation 5 console either because you need one even to use the headset. In total, you’re looking at nearly $2000 before even being able to use the PlayStation VR2.

Brands like Meta Quest have a far lower entry point and are often on sale, making them far more accessible and easier to break into the ecosystem thanks to price cuts and bundles. The entry point begins at $349 and goes up if you want the Quest 3 at $649.

Sadly, the second thing is the size of the library available – the PS VR2 has a ton of third-party titles available but few first-party exclusives. The one studio Sony owned that worked with VR was Sony London, which was closed last month.

Sony said last month it was working on opening up support on PC but didn’t list a date for when the update would be available. However, it feels like Sony is doing too little too late, and despite my best efforts to keep my device in rotation, there just isn’t enough to keep me invested right now. Hopefully, this funk Sony is in subsides, and we will see a return to form in the coming months.