Sony Shuttering DriveClub Servers In March 2020

Sony revealed that they will be shuttering the servers for their exclusive IP, DriveClub, DriveClub Bikes, and DriveClub VR next March. In addition, Sony is pulling the three games and all their DLC from the PlayStation Store on August 31, 2019.

In a world where developers are pushing for a digital-owned space, the move from Sony feels anti-consumer. Granted, Sony is a business and they can do as they like but for me to be on board with the digital future we’re heading towards, I need to be sure it’s worth it for me. I own both DriveClub and DriveClub Bikes, both of which I can access once Sony pulls them from digital shelves but I lack access to what makes these games great – leaderboards and online connectivity.

When DriveClub launched, I was obsessed with the online component for some time. Often I would tackle and beat the recorded times of people on my friend’s list and that kept bringing me back to the game each week. I understand that that the move is likely due to costs tied to servers and maintenance.

An article on PushSquare shares the sentiments I have on the subject. Where is the money going from our PlayStation Plus subscriptions? Shouldn’t those yearly fees go back into the services in which we’re using? What’s the recent price increase about – in Canada a year of PlayStation Plus costs $69.99, up from the previous $59.99 – and let’s not forget the fact we’ve gone having six games for free a month, down to two.

If developers want us to shift to a digital space, they need to own up these things. Sony is a business first, but that doesn’t mean they should take a game offline. That’s not how DriveClub operates.