Among Us PlayStation VR2

Sony Reveals Several New PlayStation VR2 Titles Fans Can Expect In The Coming Months

Believe it or not, we are a year into Sony’s PlayStation VR2 headset’s life cycle!

And Sony is teasing us with a few new games coming to virtual reality to mark the occasion of VR Day.

Among Us VR

Innersloth’s award-winning co-op Clue-in-space murder mystery game is coming to the PlayStation VR2!

But this isn’t a one-to-one port. Oh no! Among Us VR has been rebuilt from the ground up to provide two new immersive maps full of new tasks designed exclusively for this title and its new perspective. You’ll be able to explore many returning features reimagined for virtual reality, including 3D cosmetics, proximity voice chat, accessibility and comfort settings, safety and in-game moderation tools, cross-play compatibility, and not to mention custom lobby settings.

The new maps include The Skeld II, inspired by the original game’s The Skeld. The virtual rooms will give you the nostalgia of its predecessor; VR requires a whole different level of watching out for murders before they happen.

Polus Point is inspired by Among Us’ Polus map. While not a faithful one-to-one adaptation, Polus Point features 50% more tasks, nine new rooms with delicious hidden objects and doughnut boxes, and brand-new kill and ejection animations.

Journey to Foundation

From imposters to spies now!

Archiact is giving PlayStation VR2 players the chance to put themselves in the body of Agent Ward from Isaac Asimov’s Foundation book series in a video game called Journey to Foundation.

The dev team is promising that they’ve leveraged some of the PlayStation VR2’s top technology to bring iconic moments from the books to life with haptic feedback, eye-tracking, adaptive triggers and controller tracking all in 4K HDR.

Haptics are the prominent feature here. Not only will you get the standard feedback of explosions but they are also tied to Agent War’s unique Mentalic abilities. Feel the sweet spot when playing with someone’s mind. When you go too far, feel the consequences.

Conversation is critical here! Eye tracking allows you to make your conversational selection by simply glancing at the option and pressing X.

Journey to Foundation releases on PlayStation VR2 on October 26, 2023.

Heroes of Forever

Lucky Mountain Games shares that their new game, Heroes of Forever, takes the bright and blocky art style they are known for and mixes it up through dimension after dimension!

As an agent working for Time Enforcement Command [TEC], you must travel between the multiverse, confronting a corruption sowing chaos across space and time.

Heroes of Forever looks to be wearing ’80s and ’90s light gun games on its sleeves as inspiration. But the trailer shows off several pop culture inspirations, including Saving Private Ryan with giant spider mechs?!

Haptics and 3D audio will be essential in ensuring players find themselves in changing states of time travel throughout this adventure!

Heroes of Forever is in production.

Tiger Blade

We’ve known about this PlayStation VR2 exclusive for a while now. 

And now, we have a new fast-paced trailer showing off quick shooting and slashing, combined with some crispy-looking grapple gun physics.

Unlike the past few games, Tiger Blade is not so much leveraging the PlayStation VR2’s technical tools as much as it is its graphical ones. But the game promises us lots to keep up with!

Tiger Blade is available on November 17th.

The Foglands

Finally, here’s a title coming to both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation VR2.

Well, Told Entertainment’s The Foglands puts you in the steampunk anti-Western puts you in the boots of Jim — a Runner.

Runners use their fists, guns and environment to scavenge the people of the Hold. PS VR2 eye tracking and precision latency help to make fighting by any means more accessible and more immersive.

The Foglands is available on October 30th.