PlayStation VR2

Sony Is Looking To Add PC Support For PlayStation VR2

Sony’s PlayStation VR2 is celebrating its first anniversary with several new games being announced, but the standout reveal that PC support is underway is the real star today.

Previously, the PS VR headset and PS VR2 were exclusively made to work with their respective consoles. Unofficial support eventually came for PC for the first headset, and now, official support is coming for the latest headset.

“We’re pleased to share that we are currently testing the ability for PS VR2 players to access additional games on PC to offer even more game variety in addition to the PS VR2 titles available through PS5,” reveals Sony in a blog post today. “We hope to make this support available in 2024, so stay tuned for more updates.”

If things go smoothly, players can access a new library of titles across PC, including those on the Meta Quest, Vive, or Steam VR platforms.

I want to see Half-Life Alyx playable on PlayStation VR2, so if the developers can figure out how to get this working, I will be there on day one. Compatibility issues are likely the biggest hurdle, but we’ll watch for progress updates on the situation.