Sony Paid $229 Million to Purchase Insomniac Games

When it was revealed that Sony purchased Insomniac Games, it came as little surprise to me. The move made sense as Sony and Insomniac already established themselves as partners, and Marvel’s Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank are some of the biggest games on PlayStation consoles.

I thought the idea was sound and according to this SEC filing, so did Sony as the paid $229 million to acquire the studio. Oh, and they did it in mostly cash. Not bad for a deal that we learned about last summer and riding high off the success of the studio. I’m impressed by how long it took for the studio to be purchased, as Insomniac has been around for roughly 26 years.

Ted Price has been at the helm since 1994 and with him and his team, we’ve got some amazing games over the years. Marvel’s Spider-Man has sold a whopping 13.2 million copies since launching in 2018.

Price commentated on the sale last year, citing the acquisition as allowing Insomniac even greater opportunities.

“Joining the WWS (Worldwide Studios) family gives Insomniac even greater opportunities to achieve our studio vision of making positive and lasting impressions on people’s lives. We’ve enjoyed a special relationship with PlayStation practically since our inception. Our partnership amplifies our potential, and Marvel’s Spider-Man was a testament to this. We’re excited to take the next step in our growth alongside our longtime WWS partners. Most of all, we look forward to delivering fresh, new experiences for our fans.”

As for what the studio is working on, we’re hoping to hear more about it soon, but I’d like more Spider-Man!