Project Q

Sony Officially Reveals Project Q

Later this year, Sony is launching a dedicated handheld device (not the Vita successor) that will exclusively stream on the go.

“We will launch a dedicated device that enables you to stream any game from your PS5 console using Remote Play over Wi-Fi,” Jim Ryan revealed during the PlayStation Showcase. “Internally known as ‘Project Q,’ it has an 8-inch HD screen and all of the buttons and features of the DualSense wireless controller.”


The device will include adaptive triggers and haptic feedback like the DualSense.

“Project Q device for playing games installed on your PS5 and streaming over WiFi, plus our first official wireless earbuds offering lossless audio on PS5 and PC—more details to come in the months ahead,” says the official PlayStation Blog.


It seems like Sony wanted to get this reveal out as leaks have surfaced in recent weeks detailing this exact device and what to expect when it launched. We got a brief trailer promising more details in the future, but the biggest question to me is, can it compete without being at a competitive price?

PlayStation’s first-ever official wireless earbuds were also revealed at PlayStation Showcase. These will pair with your smartphone, PS5, and PC via Bluetooth and are set to launch this year. Sony is developing proprietary technology for their wireless buds that deliver lossless audio with low latency for high-quality audio.