Sony Officially Confirms PlayStation 4.5

PS4 5 Header

Rumors of the PS4 Neo, a more powerful version of the PlayStation 4, have been confirmed. But we won’t be seeing anything about it E3. Sony will not be bringing the souped up console to the conference. Andrew House, chief at PlayStation, has stated that the PlayStation 4.5 is “intended to sit alongside and complement the standard PS4″ and that “”We will be selling both versions through the life cycle.”

The PS4.5 is confirmed to support 4K resolutions and that both the PS4 and the PS4.5 will support the upcoming PlayStation VR.

A couple months Giant Bomb published this specs comparison:

PS4 5 Specs

No release date was mentioned for the upgraded console, nor was a price announced, but the PS4.5 will be more expensive than the PS4.

Microsoft is also supposedly working on a upgraded version of the Xbox One as well as a smaller version. Let’s hope they mention something about that during their E3 conference on Monday.