Sony Is Releasing A New Beautiful PlayStation 4

To celebrate Sony selling 500 million PlayStation systems worldwide the company wants to commemorate the momentous occasion in fashion. 500 million is an absurd amount of consoles sold, but clearly, gamers know what they like and have supported the brand for years, culminating in the system you see below, the new 500 Million LE PlayStation 4 Pro.


It’s gorgeous and exactly the upgrade I can get behind as my launch Pro is as loud as a jet engine, and I’ve heard the later models have been improved upon. Featuring a translucent dark blue console shell with a matching DualShock 4 controller, the system comes with a PlayStation Camera, Vertical Stand, and mono headset. There is a 2TB HDD inside and will cost $639 CAD with a total 50,000 units available worldwide. The limited edition PlayStation 4 Pro will be available starting on August 24, check here to see what retailers will have it.