Sony Identifies The Last of Us 2 Leaker

Just last week, a massive leak spoiling the entirety of The Last of Us Part 2 made its way around the internet, leaving spoilers in the open and the wait much more difficult. At the time, the general assumption was this was either an employee of Naughty Dog or Sony but now, it is not the case.

SIE has identified the primary individuals responsible for the unauthorized release of TLOU2 assets. Sony confirmed in a statement to Polygon. “They are not affiliated with Naughty Dog or SIE. We are unable to comment further because the information is subject to an on-going investigation. We’re looking forward to when The Last of Us Part II will be in your hands and can’t wait for you to enjoy the full experience on June 19.”

I’ve been actively trying to avoid spoilers, as we all should respect the work and time Naughty Dog has spent putting this video game together. On Monday, the studio took to Twitter to acknowledge the leak, asking fans to avoid spoilers and to not spoiler the game for others.

The leak started on YouTube and has since spread to several websites, so be wary of spoilers.

Originally the game was set to launch on May 29, 2020, but that was delayed due to the pandemic. This week, the new date was set to June 19, 2020, the original launch date of Ghost of Tsushima.