Sony Firms Up PlayStation 5 Game Release Schedule

Sony’s major focus today during their CES 2021 presentation was televisions, audio, and a drone. Buried between all these announcements was a small mention of the PlayStation 5, which included a small reel and some very small mention of video games coming to the console.

Aside from firming up a few release windows, this list feels like everything we’ve heard of so far. I feel confident we’ll see everything on this list except Project Athia and Pragmata this year. The only one I’m erring on the side of caution on is Ghostwire: Tokyo which could go either way for launching this year.

If this year is the one year in which projects are pushed further out due to the pandemic, I feel like my backlog will thank me for all the attention. I’ve purchased a few titles over the break and I’m itching to finish my playthrough of Hades.


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