Sonos Ray

Sonos Unveils Ray Soundbar, Roam Speaker

The summer is upon us, which means it’s time for a brand new sound season! 

Hot days will soon come to life with the sounds of a backyard barbecue or pool party. 

Brighter nights will serve up summer blockbusters at home with some popcorn and the lights down low.

Wherever you are, Sonos is ready to go with you loudly.

The summer of the Roam

Let’s start with something that’s the same but fresh for summer.

Sonos’s Roam is back brighter than ever in three new colourways that draw inspiration from the great outdoors.


Olive: Inspired by lush landscapes from desert cacti to pristine park gardens.

Wave: Drawing from the serenity of coastal beaches and backyard poolside oases.

Sunset: Influenced by painted desert sands and vibrant evening skies.

It’s a great freshen-up for a great portable speaker that brings colourful and detailed sound indoors and out with a mix of woofer and tweeter to get low with your music’s bass but go up high with crisp highs.

The new colours of Sonos Roam are available now for $229.

Sonos Roam has Bluetooth and WiFi on board, so you stay connected to your music. It also features hands-free voice control across major voice assistants and newly-available Sonos Voice Control featuring the vocal talents of Breaking Bad and Star Wars actor Giancarlo Esposito.

Hey, Sonos 

Sonos Voice Control is not yet announced for Canada, but it should be coming before long! With Sonos Voice (no extra account or app necessary), you can hear vital information about charge level, connection status and what’s playing. You can also direct your Sonos speaker to play, pause, and play in other rooms.

If you don’t want to wait, you can switch over your device to the US and access the feature that way.

Speaking of Breaking Bad, Sonos is out to break the bad habits that voice assistants have, like transcribing your conversations when you haven’t asked them to. Or sending interactions to the cloud. However, it will use its microphones on units like the Sonos Roam to get to know its environment and tune music accordingly.

Sonos Ray

Lastly, and probably most shockingly, Sonos is adding a new device to its home theatre collection.


Coming in at $349, the Sonos Ray (in white or black) is an optical and Bluetooth soundbar that builds upon the acoustics of the Sonos One. Sonos has given Sonos Ray a new reflexive sound configuration to deliver precise and room-filling sound that can cover the spectrum of bass and highs. 

Sonos is billing this as a great audio option for gamers and TV-watchers who don’t want complicated equipment but want more power than standard TV speakers. Sadly, the choice to use optical connection means that this isn’t using the codecs that would support Dolby Atmos.

But with a wide soundstage that has the proper bass, mids, and lows, the Sonos Ray should be enough. And if it isn’t, it can be connected to multiple Sonos One speakers for surround sound. 

The Sonos Ray is available starting June 7th.