Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers Crosses Over With Monster Hunter

Kicking off a short week for many,  Sega has announced Sonic Frontiers is getting a Monster Hunter crossover that will bring themed items to Sonic’s next adventure in November. The event will begin on November 15 and include some familiar things from Capcom’s wildly popular series.

The crossover will include two sets of armour for Sonic — one based on the Rathalos armour and one based on the Felyne Rathalos armour. You won’t just be wearing some armour in this crossover as there will be a grilling minigame fans of Monster Hunter will find familiar.


I don’t know precisely how the minigame will be introduced since there is nothing like it Sonic Frontiers but I’ve always enjoyed brands crossing over in unexpected ways. I never in my life expected to see Sonic wear armour from Monster Hunter but here we are.


The Monster Hunter Collaboration Pack DLC for Sonic Frontiers will be available on November 14.