Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers Latest Trailer Finally Sells The Game

The last few trailers for Sonic Frontiers have not been great. We’ve seen a few IGN First videos over the summer and the general consensus has been mixed at best and that’s simply because it feels like Team Sonic still doesn’t understand why people love Sonic the Hedgehog.

Today’s trailer is about three minutes but it does easily make the best care for the blue blur’s next big outing. We get a peak of Cyber Space, some of the open zones Sonic will work through and even some of the game’s combat. I can’t tell how much its improved over previous entries but it sure does look similar.

While I am cautiously optimistic it is the way Sega has drip-fed information to the public that has hurt the hype surrounding Sonic Frontiers. Heck, it wasn’t until today we saw anything that makes this palatable. If anything, this trailer is now what I want in a Sonic game given it mixes the 2D and 3D elements well enough that its enticing given how unfortunate Sonic Forces turned out to be.

We’ll find out in November how the final game turns out.