Sonic Frontiers

Sonic Frontiers’ Combat Looks Like its Heading in a Rough New Direction

Following the first look at Sonic Frontiers’ gameplay from earlier this week which showed off the fast blue hedgehog doing what he does best – running, collecting rings, grinding rails and more; we never got a look at combat until now that is and let’s just say it looks rough.

The reason being is developer Sonic Team is taking a new approach in Sonic Frontiers with how Sonic deals with enemies in the game as this time around he’s no longer in a linear game where normal everyday enemies can be taken out in one shot but defeating enemies in Sonic Frontiers is much more of a long-winded tale that requires a strategy, which you check out and judge for yourself below.

Now that’s a decision that makes a lot of sense in the grand scheme of things but the execution is less than desirable as seen in the combat gameplay video released as a part of IGN’s month-long exclusive preview of the game. It is a new direction for the series to see Sonic actually trade blows with enemies and later take down a boss-like enemy at least 50 times bigger than the chilli-dog-eating hedgehog.

Although, It really just comes across as awkward to see Sonic taking these enemies plus camera glitches, looks more like an Unreal Engine tech demo from a fan of the blue blur rather than a AAA video game publisher. I’d hope as a legit fan of the Sonic games that Sega takes the social media criticism of the game and work more on Sonic Frontiers as it needs to be delayed to at least next year. A bit more polishing would honestly avoid this game approaching Sonic ’06 levels of disaster to the brand, especially following the good reception the film and the follow-up have gotten from movie audiences.