Sonic Forces Third Character Is You


Sonic Forces is the follow-up to 2011’s Sonic Generations, which melded both old and new Sonic’s into one fantastic game. We’ve learned today that the third playable character isn’t another version of Sonic, but, instead is an entirely custom character created by you.

In the trailer I’ve linked below, you can see the third character be customized in many ways. You can spend a ton of time creating the perfect character, which also allows you to choose from one of the following animals:

Bears can blow away enemies with a single Homing Attack.
Birds can fly higher with the use of a Double Jump.
Cats keep a ring after taking a hit.
Dogs restart with five rings after the player loses a life.
Hedgehogs gather rings when they take damage.
Rabbits receive longer invincibility after taking damage.
Wolves automatically draw in rings when running near them.