solo leveling

Solo Leveling Is For The Raid Lover In All Of Us

Thanks to Crunchyroll, Console Creatures got an early look at the late Sung-Rak “DUBU” Jang and his Redice Studio’s anime adaptation of his popular Solo Leveling webcomic.

Premiering this Saturday (January 6th), the anime, handled by legendary Tokyo animation house A-1 Pictures, takes the much-loved Korean import, softens the images a little to fit the anime aesthetic and gives it an all-star Japanese voice cast. 

This will resonate with MMORPG fans as the premise imagines a world where, for more than ten years, gates to dimensions full of your standard fair RPG monsters have been opening up. If they aren’t closed by traversing the dungeon inside to beat the boss within a week of opening, they allow the monsters to enter our world.

Conventional weapons and technology are a no-go, so we must rely on hunters who have awakened magic that allows them to take on a class and rating that will also feel familiar to gamers. Hunters take on the mantel of healer, mage, brawler, knight, thief, and more, as they are assigned a power class from A to E, with the best of the best being assigned the S class.

 Our hero… or should I say zero… is Sung Jinwoo. Many a hunter considers him to be the weakest among them. 

While others can effectively complete raids and claim essence stones and mana crystals that can be sold for money or crafted into better gear, Jinwoo can barely fight with his tiny knife or get out with his life. 

When a second dungeon opens up in an E-class dungeon during a raid he’s on, Jinwoo finally flourishes thanks to… oh, this one is going to hit gamers hard… the foresight he’s developed by being a coward and hanging back during raids until he spots an opening. 

After being betrayed by those in his party, Jinwoo is killed. However, in death, a god grants him System — the secret to levelling up.

Crunchyroll gave us access to the first two episodes of Solo Leveling, which should hook those who have spent time in the worlds of WarcraftDiablo, Baldur’s Gate and more.

Solo Leveling leans heavily into gaming puzzles, lore, characterization and more than a handful of subtle jokes that will likely have gamers laughing. For example, Jinwoo recalls one raid where he was paired with higher-class hunters who neglected to bring a healer. Thus, he very nearly didn’t make it out and had to spend weeks in the hospital. Who among us hasn’t almost fallen victim to that level of hubris at some point?