Slitterhead From Ex-Silent Hill Developers, Launching On November 8

Slitterhead, a new title from Bokeh Game Studio, was unveiled at Summer Game Fest. Ex-Silent Hill developers make the title look positively creepy and otherworldly. The trailer shows plenty of platforming, body-hopping, action combat, and gruesome foes. There seems to be a soul-switching mechanic, jumping between possible party members mid-combat and through platforming segments.

In Slitterhead, players find themselves in the bustling and chaotic streets of Kowlong. They take on the role of Hyoki, a character without any memory or physical form, whose primary goal is to eliminate the dangerous creatures called Slitterheads hiding among the people in the city. As players explore the lively, neon-lit city, they must make friends with regular people known as Rarities, uncover secrets of influential organizations, and engage in battles using unique abilities. As the story unfolds, players will find the mystery of Hyoki’s existence and the sudden appearance of the menacing Slitterheads.

Slitterhead is launching on November 8th, 2024, with no platforms currently announced.