Skyforge Open Beta Begins Today

Skyforge Second Closed Beta Period Announced

In Skyforge, players will adventure across Aelion, a colorful world blended between fantasy and science fiction.  Equipped as any of the 13 classes which can be changed at any time, players will face off against an array of dangerous creatures and other immortals using the game’s unique dynamic combat system. Following the Skyforge Open Beta launch, the Allods Team, Obsidian Entertainment and will continue to expand the gameplay experience with new levels, classes, regions, missions and a variety of new endgame features and game modes.


“Over the last 6 months we’ve worked closely with our community over the course multiple closed beta tests to gather important feedback we’ve used to refine Skyforge’s gameplay experience,” said Eric DeMilt, Producer, Obsidian Entertainment. “From balance improvements and server and performance optimization to bug fixing and gameplay direction, we’ve made thousands of changes and cannot wait for PC gamers around the world to get their hands-on Skyforge in the Open Beta.” has also released the new Skyforge Collector’s Packs giving players the chance to purchase a bundle of items, credits and in-game bonsues to kick start their journey on Aelion. TheSkyforge Starter Pack and Wardens of the Wasteland Pack can can be purchased at:

Starter Pack ($14.99) – Gives new players the ability to advance quicker and become a master enforcer. The Starter Pack includes:

  • Argents: 6 000 of in-game currency added to your account
  • Premium account for 30 days
  • Title: Aelion Defender title and badge on the portal
  • Starter Chest which includes:

o    Credits: 50,000

o    Spark Replicators: 250

o    Bag Slots: 12

o    Rank 1 Enhancement Stones

o    Celestial Threads: 6,000

Skyforge: Paladin and Cryomancer – Developer Walkthrough

Wardens of the Wasteland ($59.99) – Across the eastern part of Aelion stretches the endless Wasteland, a sparsely populated and extremely dangerous area. Devoid of divine light and protection, the Wasteland became home to renegades, cultists and stray remnants of invasions with the only bulwark of order in the region being the brotherhood of Wardens of the Wasteland. Players who purchase the Warden of the Wasteland Collector’s Pack will receive:


  • Instant access to Knight and Alchemist classes.
  • Exclusive Night Squad costume with three color options.
  • Moah – Exclusive mount of the Wardens.
  • Argents: 20 000 of in-game currency added to your account
  • Title: Warden of the Wasteland title and badge on the portal
  • Premium account for 60 days
  • Collector Capsule which includes:

o    Credits: 150,000

o    Spark Replicators: 1,000

o    Bag Slots: 24

o    Set of legendary starter weapons

o    Celestial Threads: 35,000