Sky Pirate’s Den Returns To Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

Version 1.04 launched today for the remastered version of Final Fantasy XII, The Zodiac Age.

This update reintroduces the Sky Pirate’s Den, a feature that wasn’t available at launch this past summer. This fun and addicting minigame are what was used back in the day to earn in-game achievements. In 2006, there weren’t trophies and achievements like there are available today, so publishers would introduce their own versions you could earn.

Sky Pirate’s Den can be accessed from the menu, and as you gain achievements, the room would fill up with a cute version of Final Fantasy XII characters, as well as earn titles.

It’s a nice little touch that made the game feel more personal and the more you accomplished in-game, the more your room would fill up with characters from the game.