Sky of Tides

Sci-Fi Narrative Game Sky of Tides Gets a New Trailer and Animated Series Tie-In

With a planned release for this year

This is an exciting new reveal from the upcoming narrative-based RPG and sci-fi game Sky of Tides: it’s also getting an animated series!

Publisher ESDigital Games announced a look at some gameplay from Lofty Sky Entertainment’s new title. The trailer below gives us a glimpse of some of the isometric gameplay, conversations, and customization we can expect. Then, it’s followed up by a short exchange that involves the lead character Rin.

Sky of Tides puts you in the shoes of Rin, the daughter of a researcher who discovers a conspiracy to starve the people of Numen. Suddenly, he goes missing, and Rin discovers a hidden power that could help her find the answers and who is behind this overarching scheme.

Bring this story and a promising, rich cast of characters, and you have a great recipe for sci-fi success. The five-part limited, animated series will take place in the same world as the game and be called Sky of Tides: Atla. ES Digital says it will be available on streaming services but has not yet named which one.

Sky of Tides will be released sometime this year and will be available on PC via Steam and Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo consoles.

A demo is also available now on the game’s Steam page.