Skully Drops This August

Modus Games and Finish Line Games (from Toronto!) revealed Skully, a new game set to launch later this summer.

Playing as a reanimated skull with a second chance at life, Skully is described as an action-adventure title where you’ll go on an adventure to stop a war between feuding siblings. Skully has the ability to sculpt new abilities from magical clay spread out around the island he is on. In the video posted above, we get a glimpse of how abilities work for Skully.

“We’re really excited to share Skully with the world,” said Daniel Posner, CEO of Finish Line Games. “We think a lot of people will connect with the game and its heroic journey of a seemingly unimposing character destined to accomplish great things.”

Read more about Skully on the PlayStation Blog.

Skully is out August 4, 2020, on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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