EA’s Skate Invites You To The Board Room

You’re on deck!

It’s time to go back into “The Board Room” and learn all about the brand-new Skate.

The 15-minute update centres around gameplay design, animation, level design and art direction in the city of San Vansterdam.

The largest part of this developer update is showing off how Skate. is still surefooted in the elements that have kept the series rolling for 15 years, but also how the game’s new tech and engine have been added in to add a fresh coat of wax and paint. 

Grinds, flips, and grabs, all of it have been re-evaluated and updated with more modern animations to mimic skateboarding in the real world.

SkateWill have an entirely new mo-cap experience that simplifies the animation process by offering more data in smaller chunks to bring a whole new style to Skate. 

There’s also more to do off-board now. One example is the ability to jump from your board, swing on a pipe and then land back on your board.

The dev team also now endorses trespassing and climbing as ways to broaden your skateable surfaces.