Six One Indie Showcase March 2024

The Six One Indie Showcase Returns Next Week

39 titles in a 60 minute live stream

There are dozens of games that release each day on each and every platform, so it’s hard to sift through all these and find what might best suit you. The indie games market is especially difficult at times, so something like the Six One Indie Showcase is a prime spot to witness some upcoming titles, hand picked for a live stream broadcast.

For its fourth showcase, Six One Indie is dubbing it as the unofficial kick off to PAX East 2024 on March 20th.

The bi-annual show has given us a look at a number of great titles that have likely been added to quite a few wishlists (including my own!). Checkmate Showdown, Slay the Princess, Ravenswatch, Fall of Porcupine, and dozens more have taken to the digital stage in the past.

Six One Indie has featured nearly 100 games since it began holding these showcases, and this latest broadcast is set to unveiled 39 more within a 60 minute presentation.

You can watch the full showcase in the YouTube link above on March 20th as it goes live at 12PM EST.