Silent Hill

Silent Hill Transmission Leaks From YouTube

Konami has scheduled a live stream later today as it teases the future of Silent Hill.

However, in a twist, it seems like the YouTube channel set to air this evening’s Silent Hill Transmission has seemingly revealed what you can expect from the stream.

Between the video’s description and the hidden video tags, we have an idea of what to expect, including some form of Silent Hill 2. 

Heading over to the page won’t show these tags any longer as it seems they were removed. Looking at the source of the page lists these titles vis an archive shows:

  • Ascension
  • Interview
  • PlayStation
  • Return to SILENT HILL
  • SILENT HILL Transmission
  • SILENT HILL: Ascension
  • Steam
  • Teaser Trailer

It’s hard to guess what each of these video tags is referring to before the stream goes live but there is enough to guess. Whether or not we’re seeing a remake of Silent Hill 2 remains to be seen but this could also mean the original is coming to modern platforms.

One tag that stands out is Ascension – this could very be a new entry.

We’ll learn more later today as the live stream for Silent Hill Transmission is set to begin at 2 PM PT/5 PM ET.