Silent Hill

Silent Hill Creator Aiming to Release New Horror Action Game in 2023

Silent Hill and Gravity Rush creator, Keiichiro Toyama and his new company, Bokeh Game Studio are currently working on a horror-themed action-adventure game slated for 2023.

While speaking with IGN Japan, Toyama revealed that the new game is being worked on a ‘fairly large’ team and will be “an action-adventure game that will appeal to fans of my previous work.”

The Silent Hill creator founded Bokeh Game Studio back in August alongside lead Gravity Rush designer, Junya Okura and lead designer for The Last Guardian, Kazunobu Sato. The new venture for the three former Sony Japan developers was revealed earlier this month.

Even though Toyama has a lot of history with PlayStation. he’s focusing on making his upcoming game a multi-platform release. with PC as the lead platform.

“This will be more of a horror-oriented game. But we will focus on making this a broader entertainment experience, rather than a hardcore horror game.,” Toyama said.

He adds that they are entering the early stages of development, but he is hopeful to get in the hands of players in three years. Until then Bokeh is planning to share sneak peeks in the long lead-up release on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.